We promise to answer your phone calls promptly and courteously.  Our technicians and doctors work together to ensure that your questions are answered, appointments are properly scheduled, and medications are refilled. 

We offer multiple ways for you to communicate with us.  Comprehensive patient medical records are available online 24/7.   We offer e mail services, text messaging, and Facebook messaging.  Reminder cards are sent by US mail too.  We are here during regular business hours to speak with you by phone.  

If your pet has a test performed, we will call you to discuss the results and make certain to answer all of your questions.  In addition, all results and recommendations will be available on your secure medical record portal so that you can take your time to review recommendations and call us back if you think of additional questions later.

We will provide informational handouts at the time of service, 

including drug information handouts when medications are dispensed.

You can also reach us through our website to 

send requests for medication refills or communicate with our staff electronically. 

Please let us know your preferred method of communication.  Compassionate care means working with you as a team, communicating in a format that is best for your schedule. 

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