Every pet deserves to have clean teeth.  It's more than just keeping their breath fresh.  Dental disease can be painful.  Every pet is given a complete mouth examination every time our doctors perform a comprehensive physical examination.  Even with daily home dental care, like brushing the teeth, tartar will develop, just like it does for humans.  Our doctors will check your pet's mouth and discuss expectations for oral surgery with you.  Before we clean your pet's teeth we perform pre-anesthetic blood testing. Specialized pre-anesthetic testing, such as chest x-rays and EKG’s, may also be necessary on an individual basis.  Anesthetic safety is a priority. A professional cleaning involves supra and subgingival ultrasonic scaling followed by polishing.  All pets will either receive a fluoride treatment or a 6 month Sanos dental sealant application.  All dental instruments are individually sterilized for every patient.  Dental radiographs are available for all patients and are especially important in the diagnosis of endodontic disease as well as providing superior oral surgery.  Without radiographs, disease below the gum line would be missed, and roots may be unknowingly retained after tooth extraction.  All patients are carefully monitored during the procedure.  We use intraveneous fluid therapy, endotracheal intubation, heart monitoring, respiratory monitoring, nerve blocks, and technician monitoring.   We carefully chart the teeth to properly record permanent dental issues or extractions.   Our technician will stay with your pets, keeping them warm and safe, and when they wake up, we offer soft food.  Your pet will have better breath and be free of mouth pain.



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