Dental cleaning and polishing, including necessary tooth extractions, are performed on dogs and cats. Each pet is given a complete mouth examination during the physical examination. Dental disease is noted and discussed with the client on an individual basis. Every patient is fully assessed prior to the dental cleaning with pre-anesthetic blood testing. Specialized pre-anesthetic testing such as chest x-rays and EKG’s are performed on an individual basis. Each dental patient receives a complete physical examination by the doctor prior to the dental cleaning, and the doctor discusses the procedure with the client at this time. Each dental patient receives a comprehensive supra and subgingival ultrasonic scaling followed by polishing and either a fluoride treatment or a Sanos dental sealant application. Dental radiographs are available for all patients and are especially important in the diagnosis of endodontic disease as well as providing superior oral surgery. Without radiographs, disease below the gum line will be missed, and roots may be unknowingly retained after tooth extraction. All dentistries are performed with intraveneous fluid administration, endotracheal intubation, heart monitoring, respiratory monitoring, and technician monitoring. All dental instruments are individually sterilized for each patient. Dental charting is maintained in the patient medical record to properly record permanent dental issues or extractions. Each dental patient is monitored closely during recovery and kept warm with water circulating heating pads. The dental patients are fed soft foods as soon as they are awake.